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The best manufacturer of chitosan dressing----Huawei Technology
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1.Mechanism of Action
The chitosan dressing is a high-tech wound dressing which use chitosan fiber as raw material, the fiber is extracted from the crabs, shells and other materials, the dressing not only has natural antibacterial, hemostatic, promoting wound healing effect, but also has good biocompatibility, biodegradability and biological function.

2.Product Features
1).soft and comfortable: soft appearance, highly hydrophilic
2). lock water and resistance bacteria: rapidly absorb wound surface exudate, form a soft hydrogel on wound surface and retain water for a long time, provide a good moist wound environment , hemostasis and antibacterial, promote skin cell growth, accelerate wound healing.
3).transparent and breathable: chitosan is translucent, it’s easy to observe the wound, with good ventilation, the patient use it more comfortable.
4). hypoallergenic: easy to use, non-irritating, non-toxic side effects.
5). No adhesive: promote wound healing and reduce scarring, non-blocking when removing the dressing, reduce the suffering of patients.

3. Usage
1).  cleaning the wound, remove the net necrotic tissue and eschar, repeatedly clean the wound with saline or sterile water, and suck the wound drily with sterile gauze.

2). take appropriate specifications of this product:
For flat wound skin surface, completely covered the trauma, and make it close to attach the wound, keep it at least 1 cm margin around the wound edge, cut off the excess part, then fix it with sterile gauze. If excessive oozing replace the external sterile gauze timely.
To irregular hole trauma, need to cut, fold, curl the wound then do stuffing and filling, plugging operation based on the specific clinical situation, if necessary, use sterile gauze or retaining bandage fix it topical.

3).in normal circumstances, change the product once every 1 to 4 days or replacement under doctor’s advice, during replacement, should re-sterilize the wound surface. When replace this product, can remove directly, if necessary, can use saline or distilled water to wet the wound on your own discretion, then remove, the wound need be re-cleaned and disinfected again before apply another one.

4.Applicable scope
1). treat deep, shallow Ⅱ degree burns wound
2). tangential excision wound
3). wound of skin graft donor site
4). Skin incision injury, abrasions, bedsore, ulcers

As a professional manufacturer of chitosan dressings in China, Wuhan Huawei Technology Co.,Ltd through closely cooperate with relevant authoritative scientific research institutions, after years of joint research and development of new medical chitosan dressing, with natural antibacterial, hemostasis quickly, effectively promote the function of wound healing. The chitosan dressing has good biocompatibility, biodegradability and biological function, with a wide range of clinical applications and market space. Recently, Wuhan Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. new medical chitosan dressing is facing the country to invite agents to join or OEM, welcome the substantial agency to our company and consult the cooperation matters.