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The Far Infrared Therapeutic Effect of Infrared Pain Relief Patch
Release time:2017-03-15 16:56:24 Clicks:

Infrared pain relief patch is developed by Wuhan huawei technology. It based on traditional Chinese medicine theory that cure your inner illness outside and meridian conduction treatment. Combine modern far-infrared ray technology and proper magnetic field and some other physical factors, we develop a new external use patch successfully after some related experts’ search and experiences, which is effective in curing pain of joint and muscle that caused by the wet and cold and soft tissue contusion. It’s not only match traditional Chinese theories, but also follow modern science. 

The therapeutic effect of far infrared :

Infrared thermal effect: When the far infrared radiation has sufficient strength, that is, more than the heat dissipation capacity of the organism, it will make the local temperature of the body to be irradiated, causing a series of physiological effects.

1. strengthen blood circulation

After the infrared acting on the skin, stimulate the skin heat receptors, through the thalamus reflex, make the vascular smooth and the muscle relax, vasodilation, strengthen blood circulation

2. strengthen  metabolism

Enhance the vitality of cells, adjust the mechanism of neurohumoral fluid, strengthen the metabolism, make the material exchange more stable.

3. immunity enhancement

Has  the function of improving the body's macrophage phagocytosis, enhance human cell immunity and humoral immune function, is conducive to human health.

4. diminish inflammation and detumescence

Through the neurohumoral response to the reaction, eliminating the pathological process of inflammation, improve disease resistance, activation of immune cell function, to achieve the purpose of anti-inflammatory.

5. regenerates cells

Enhanced tissue nutrition, active tissue metabolism, increased cell oxygen supply, enhanced cell regeneration.

6. strengthen  antibacterial ability

Improve the microcirculation, enhance the stability of the cell membrane, adjust the concentration of ions, improve osmotic pressure, promote the discharge of metabolites of toxic substances.

7. abirritation

Reduce the nerve endings of excitability and mechanical stimulation, play a role in relieving pain.